New Media Programs
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"My career interests have been multi-flexible, but much of my collective work focuses on the content creation for entertainment media, in all forms and have written dialog scripts for games, television, radio, and motion pictures, and video productions."

{ games design }

City of Steam
Responsible include the creation and instigation of the bridging cinematic sequences, providing world building descriptive content in and outside of the game, and the management of the interactive 3D character assets using Unity 4.
  > Bestiary Descriptions - Writing
  > Narrative content - Writing
  > 2012 Marketing Media Kit - Design
  > Cinematics within the game

iKids: Slices in Time
Education Game Prototype.
- Board Game Design &
- 3D Environment Heuristic Design
( in development, under NDA)

(Active 1992 - 2002. Game still up.)
Writer, designer, & content creator
for KoBra Multi-User Domain (MUD).
Player/Jedi name: Vincent ( &

{ graduate thesis }

Narrative Structures in Computer Games - A study in non-linear story construction - (2004 draft)

Abstract: The process of transposing a classic narrative structure into an interactive, computer experience is only in its infancy. Current technology for electronic entertainment, specifically computer based games, are introducing new and largely unexplored methods of scripting narrative content.

| Full draft of thesis |

{ academic prototypes }
Game Design
Writing & Production
- Incident at Terra Unifica
- Lost Highways
- The Library

{ speculative teleplays }

Star Trek: DS9 | "Convergence" *
  * Trek producer response
Star Trek: Voyager | "Instincts"
Star Wars | "Legacy of the Sith"
  (fan film 2005)
Xena | "Perilous Musings"

Indiana Jones & the Road of Kings
A complete 40 page full speculative outline for a feature length adventure. - Outline available on request

{ original screenplay }

"The Edenic War" *
First part of a in progress epic scifi/fantasy trilogy.
* WGA registered

{ in progress }

Doctor Who | "The Shadow in Time"
(speculative script - coming soon)








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