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Associates Degrees
Computer Information Systems

Interested in learning a different language?
Just like humans, computers speak their own languages. This concentration places emphasis on developing advanced programming skills, mastering a variety of computer languages.
Languages: Visual Basic, C++
(You can take the game programming certificate with the degree!)

web management
Web sites must be both appealing and functional. This concentration will help you develop the skills necessary to manage great Web sites. Those skills include graphic design, understanding of operating systems, principles in eBusiness and programming techniques.

Skills & Langauges learned in CINS degrees:
PHP, Actionscript 3.0, C++, Visual Basic, and more...

Career Development Certificates (CDC)
what is a CDC?

> 3D Animation || CDC for Fall 2009
> Game Programming || CDC for Fall 2009
> Graphic Design || CDC for Fall 2009

3D animation & rendering
The Bloomington campus is now offering
courses in 3D animation using the leading
software known as Autodesk 3D Studio
Max 2009. Computer animation is at the
heart of games, simulation & training,
and virtual reality, but it may also be used
to add flair to the visuals in advertising,
television, and motion pictures.

computer game programming
Computer game & simulation programming specialists begin their journey here. Although it is too early to assess the impact of this new specialty on the local economy, it is anticipated students with this specialty will be positioned to meet programming needs of employers locally, statewide and nationally.

graphic design
Do you have an eye for print design? Graphic
Designers analyze, problem solve, create,
design, and evaluate a variety of printed
material, including annual reports, brochures,
packaging, advertisements, illustrations, CD/
DVD covers, business cards, and more.