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The applications of new media technology and the management thereof are only limited by the imagination. As fanciful as that may sound, it is true. New technology is all around us and we live in an age of wonderous change.

Look to you your HD TV, your laptop, your email account, even your phone. All have applications and functions that drive their technology and are evolving constantly. You must be ready and able to be adaptable to the change as it presents itself.

Will Wright, the creator of such breakthough electronic entertainment
as The Sims and Spore, recently left his 12 year relationship with the company Electronic Arts to explore “new possibilities that are emerging from this sublime chaos and create new forms of entertainment on a variety of platforms.”

There is plenty for everyone to contribute to this exciting career opportunities of new media. Whether it is entertainment, education, or commernce that drive your interest, the future is fluid.

Ivy Tech can start you on the path to your creative future.
Come along with us.


Career Opportunities
3D Animator
2D Animator
Database Programmer
Graphic Designer
Interactive Media Developer
Web Designer
Web Programer
and more...




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