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"Renaissance Man - a person who is skilled in multiple fields or multiple disciplines, and who has a broad base of knowledge." *

My professional practice spans over twenty years of production experience in digital media. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and skill sets with a never ending desire to learn. Having a range of work is a strength, not a weakness and I believe that is a very important requirement for any producer.

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Narrative design & production. Released titles, academic prototypes & more...

Course catalogs, bulletins, mailers, CD jewel cases , and more...

Documentaries, short clips, and video game trailers using a wide range of non linear editing tools.

Professional & freelance work samples...

digital media portfolio

Individualized Major Degree
Thesis Project
Fall 1996

Hybrid CDROM

IMP Thesis Statement
&Thesis Document

(coming soon)

Digital Media Portfolio
:: Undergraduate Thesis project

digital media portfolio print web games video

The thesis project for my self designed “Multimedia Production Design” degree in 1996 was a 'state of the art' hybrid CD that worked on Apple & Windows 95 platforms. The interactive digital portfolio contained my variety of work to date, including web design, game & simulation design, graphic design, digital video, and other varied productions.

Most of those works are represented within these web portfolio sections.

The degree was the first of its kind and paved the way for future students to pursue degrees in New Media through the Individualized Major Program.
Graduated with Honors.

*definition of Renaissance Man from WiseGeek.

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