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The Incident at Terra Unifica

[ concept ]

Single Player RPG.

Science Fiction Mystery

In a remote corner of the universe,
an ancient moon circles a dying star.
Overgrown jungles shroud crumbling ruins of a long dead and forgotten civilization.

Terra Unifica is the dream assisgnment for any officer in the Terran Union.  You are assigned here as Chief of Security.  This would be an ideal assignment under normal circumstances.

The mysterious murder of an alien ambassdor has occured on the seculded retreat known as Terra Unifica. And you are in charge of the Murder investigation.

The Destruction of the Earth can only be stopped by you solving the murder within 48 hours.

To bad it is your first day on the job...
Good Luck.
Animation Program:
Alias Wavefront!

[ video preview / trailer ]

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[ creative team ]

Spring 1995
Principle Team
Brian Kaplan - Animation
Sonny Kirkley - Production
Daniel McDeavitt - Content Design

My Role
Game Design
Character Design
video Production

* FYI - This project was abandoned when the principles viewed "The Gathering", the pilot to the new show, Babylon 5.





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