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The Library

[ concept ]

Single Player RPG.

Science Fiction Mystery

In a future where humankind has spread across the known galaxy only to find that they are alone, the discovery of an immense, deserted alien artifact changes everything.

The Library, as it is called by the spacefaring monastic order responsible for its discovery, hangs silently over a world devoid of life. For nearly a hundred years, it remained off limits to all but a handful of individuals.

But now, a lone representative from Earth has arrived only to be thrust into a web of deceit, intrigue, and murder that ultimately escalates into a madness releasing an ancient force capable of destroying all of
human existence.

[ video preview / trailer ]

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[ creative team ]

Fall 1999
Principle Team
Julia Harvey - Writing/Production
Norbert Herber - Audio/Music
Ethan Watrall - Design/Production
Matt " " - Animation

Spring/Summer 2000
My Role:
Dialog Scripter
Game Design
Adaptation for Screenplay




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