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Lost Highways - Adventures of Jake Townsend

[ concept ]

Single Player RPG.
Folklore driven Science Fiction Mystery

You are the weather beaten hero of this fantastic story. It is up to you to guide Jake safely along the twisting and twisted backroads of America, staying one step ahead of the hell that is breaking loose at every turn.

Along the way you'll get to play some mean blues guitar, trade too cool one liners with ghosts and aliens, and maybe even save the world.

Lost Highways reminds us that the strangest things can often be found right down the road.

[ creative team ]

Spring 1996
Principle Team
John Deal - folklore, research, story
Shanti Kumar - demographics & research
Daniel McDeavitt - graphics, game design, writing
Misha Vaughan - producer
Alex Vigdor - game design, programming

[ video preview / trailer ]

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My Role:
Game Design
Video Production




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