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City of Steam City of Steam
Responsible for the creation and instigation of bridging cinematic sequences, providing world building descriptive content in and outside of the game, and the management of the interactive 3D character assets using Unity3D.

  > Bestiary Descriptions - Writing
  > Narrative content - Writing
  > 2012 Marketing Media Kit - Design
  > Cinematics within the game

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Unity 3D
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Mechanist Games

Xiamen, China

(1992 - 2002.)
Writer, designer, & content creator for the open source LPC programming language creation named "KoBra".
Multi-User Domain (MUD), a text based game environment.
Player/Jedi name: Vincent ( &

{ academic prototypes }

The Library

The Library
- May 2000

Dialog scripter.
Single Player RPG concept proposal.

Lost Highways

Lost Highways
- Spring 1996

Game Design,
& Producer.

Single Player RPG concept proposal.

terra unifica

Incident at Terra Unifica
- Spring 1995
Game Design & Producer.

Prototypes created and developed inconjunction with undergraduate & graduate course work.

{ in development }

Pathfinder RPG (OGL)

FarBend Theatre & Hotel with Abandoned Temple*

... (coming soon)
Table top RPG module (self publish).
Open Gaming License (OGL) using the PathFinder RPG system.

Neverwinter Nights Toolkit Module
FarBend Theatre & Hotel with Abandoned Temple*

... (coming soon) - currently in development as a video game module using the Bioware NWN Toolkit.

{ academic course design }
New Media Program
Developed new curriculums for 3D animation and game programming as a pilot program for the Ivy Tech Community College from 2008 - 2009.

{ graduate thesis }
Narrative Structures in
Computer Games

- A study in non-linear story construction - (2004 draft)
| Full text of thesis |


The process of transposing a classic narrative structure into an interactive, computer experience is only in its infancy. Current technology for electronic entertainment, specifically computer based games, are introducing new and largely unexplored methods of scripting narrative content.

{ beta Test experience }
Diablo 3
Guild Wars 2
Starcraft 2
Star Wars: The Old Republic
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
DC Universe Online
City of Heroes / Villains

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