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Seeking full time position creating, crafting, & implementing the production and management of a game content for mutliple platforms focusing on the quality of the narrative content.

Over the years, Daniel has worked as a webmaster, print designer, project coordinator, and media instructor for web management, heuristic design, & graphic media. He has even designed a pilot curriculum for gaming and animation program. He has written dialog scripts for video games, television, radio, and motion pictures, and video productions.

He completed his unique, self-designed undergraduate entitled “Multimedia Production Design” in 1996, a degree created via the Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences’ Individualized Major Program. This unique opportunity let him adapt his original Graphic Design degree into a studied focus on emerging New Medias in 1994, specifically website design, computer based education, and video game production.

In the summer of 2013, he embarked on a four month long road trip across the Pacific Northwest & continental United States, visiting 14 national parks and absorbed wisdom, scenery, and memories during this once in a lifetime opportunity, post China adventure adventure.
• Recommendation: Glacier National Park, Going to the Sun Road. Go.

He is geek & proud of it. He has participated in most, if not all, forms of gaming that still continue to excite him. His goal is to be engaged and have fun in everything he does, both personally and professionally.

* What is Narrative Design?
-   Definition:

The role of the Narrative Designer was first coined about 2006 when video game publishers actually began hiring for such positions.

The definition has a habit of variying from production to production, and genre to genre, but the core responsibility of this role is to champion story, craft compelling narrative elements, and help shape and define the game systems through which story will be delivered to in the player's immersive experience. 

I believe that Narrative Design is THE new craft waiting to be further defined and explored, and applies to more than just computer games. Any narrative, whether a personal profile, creative work, or product has a story to tell using the new medias as the delivery.






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